How to Make your Handbag Personal

How to Make your Handbag Personal

Customized Designer Handbag with artistic embellishments by New Vintage Handbags

How to Make Your Handbag Personal

Most people are content to wear the fashion that other people make for them. Off-the-peg clothes are everywhere, and so are off-the-peg handbags. Customizing your handbag with art that means something to you gives you a personal style, a unique look all your own!

If you know the look you want, New Vintage Handbags can add custom art to it. You give us the design and we’ll make it happen in paint, embroidery, leather, or whatever medium our artists can handle. But where do you start with personalizing a handbag? Here are some options.

New Vintage Handbag Strap

The Strap

The simplest route is to make your strap the focus of your customization. Straps are interchangeable with many handbags. This lets you mix-and-match straps as your mood moves you and compliment any oufit of the day, without shuffeling all of your purses contents.

Strap customization also lets you experiment with different kinds of personalizations. For instance, you might add your monogram onto the strap, which will give your whole bag a simple, personalized look.

Straps are so fun to play with that we recommend all our new customers to try them. They are adjustable to fit all body shapes and sizes. Once you find the strap your heart desires, then you can turn to personalizing your bag!



This is the simplest form of bag customization. By monogramming your bag, you mark it with your personal symbol. That makes it yours forever! Most people use their initials, but others make a symbol all their own.

A small monogram is great for those who don’t want to hide too much of the original vintage bag and still make it personal. We can add them with a colorful hand painted design with many font options. 

Have your Bag Monogramed

Customize a Lookbook Piece

Another route to take is to flip through our Lookbook. This will show you the kinds of designs that we’ve made in the past. If you find one you like, you can personalize it by asking for your own tweaks that fit your unique, personal style and your bag.

Even if you decide not to tweak one, browsing the Lookbook will give you an idea of what our artists can do for you. Then, when you speak with one of our design coordinators, we can help you match your bespoke design to your bag’s dimensions.

Make It Your Own

If you want to make your own design completely from scratch on a specific bag of your choice, you can do that too! This is the ultimate form of customization and so rewarding when all your compliments start rolling in.

First, choose art that’s meaningful to you. Handbags are a statement of who you are. You carry your most personal belongings in them, so you’ll be looking at it a lot. Create a design that makes you feel happy, cute, and special!

If you need some help along the way, our bespoke design coordinators can help guide your idea into reality. From something as simple as sending the bag’s dimensions, to having a friendly chat with you about the look you want to project, their skill can help bring your cherished design into reality.

There’s no reason that your vintage handbag needs to look the same as any other vintage handbag. Let our artisans and your inspiration create a customized bag that’s personal, meaningful, and something you’ll want to wear for a long time, no matter what the fashion trend is. Vintage never goes out of style!

Customize a Bag you Own Today!

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