Disclaimer of Endorsement

New Vintage is a service-based company that breathes artistic new life into authentic, pre-owned handbags purchased legally on the secondhand market from trusted independent suppliers and not from the original brand owner. Handbags are lawfully artistically enhanced by New Vintage with embellishments and hand-painted designs. Client acknowledges the Company will/has employed various methods including, but not limited to, cutting, sewing, and painting, to alter the item, which may affect the value of the item. Any product names, logos, brands and other trademarks or images featured or referred to are the property of their respective trademark holders. These trademark holders are not affiliated with New Vintage or any of our products. We declare no affiliation, sponsorship, or partnership with any registered trademarks. We stand independently as the sole creators of New Vintage. Handbags are pre-owned, used and not sold with the original packaging/documentation. New Vintage Handbags does not profit from the sale of designer handbags, but only for the artwork performed on the bag by the Artisans at New Vintage Handbags. Some handbags may be sold with replacement parts that are not original due to repair. We do not take apart Louis Vuttion’s trademark materials and recreate new items. New Vintage stands by the authenticity of every product sold as we respect all original designer’s talent. New Vintage performs in-house authentications on every product received by independent resellers as we stand in the fight against counterfeiting. Please keep in mind that slight imperfections are unique aspects of pre-owned finds. New Vintage has the right to refuse service to anyone we believe would not be an enjoyable experience to customize with. Please be kind and make the world a better place.