Customization Terms

Please read our return and shipping policies prior to completion of checkout. Any commissioned artwork or made to order items are non-refundable under any circumstances. By completing your purchase, you are confirming that you agree to all terms of service. By remitting payment, client certifies they own the item and has the right to make alterations; Client acknowledges the Company is not responsible for the condition and identification of the item at the time of receipt from the Client; Client understands that should the item be lost or stolen while in Company care a maximum payment for a replacement bag in similar condition deemed and provided by Company will be excepted by Client. Client acknowledges the Company will employ various methods including, but not limited to, cutting, sewing, and painting, to alter the item, which may affect the resale value of the item; and Client ratifies the foregoing billing and return policies of the Company and agrees that this Customization Agreement reflects the understanding between the Client and Company. New Vintage may post before, during and after photos of the completed project to their social media. Client agrees to give New Vintage Artist creative freedom while applying design, understands New Vintage Artists are indeed painting by hand and designs may vary from any digital mock-ups given. Mock-up fees are non-refundable. Digital mock-ups are only used as a general reference and hand painted artwork will vary. Design and artwork rights are solely owned by New Vintage Handbags and may be reproduced as a customization or sold on our website. Once artwork has begun to be applied the Client may not cancel order and any changes made to design will have additional customization fees.  Mock-up fees are non-refundable once payment has been completed. Digital mock-ups and white penciled sketches are just to give client as a general idea for artwork size and placement.  Client understands that the artwork painted will vary from mock-ups. and mock-ups are for a general reference.  Completion times are estimations and are not guaranteed. New Vintage claims no responsibility for the artwork canvas on client's item once it is returned.  Client is responsible to care for its newly painted canvas. Formal quote is valid 14 days post offering. Once order is placed it cannot be canceled, refunded and Client agrees not to perform a chargeback under any circumstances. Client information will be kept confidential.  By remitting payment, Client agrees to all terms and conditions set forth.  If you have any questions, please contact us at