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Are Your Vintage Handbags Authentic?

Yes, we only source pre-loved, 100% authentic handbags. We back their authenticity with a full money back guarantee so you may purchase with confidence. We will not customize a client's handbag if we do not believe it is authentic.

Will You Buy My Bag?

No, but thank you.  We only purchase our pre-owned, vintage handbags from trusted sources that we have developed relationships with and that have proven themselves through the test of time with authenticity, quality and professionalism.

How Much Is It to Customize A Bag I Own?

We individually price each project based on how long it will take our artists to complete your specific project. Our Design Coordinators can give you a better idea on pricing once they know the specific details of your exact handbag and the artwork you would like.

How Long Does it Take to Customize a Bag I Own?

It really depends on our artist's production schedule at the time we receive your handbag and how long it will take our artists to complete your specific project.  When you speak to your designated design coordinator, they can give you a better idea.  Please note that we do not guarantee completion times.  The quality of our artwork is first and foremost.  We do not like to rush perfection, yet always aim to please.

How Durable is the Paint?

Our artists have developed a technique to ensure the durability of your bags custom painted artwork. Our unique process begins with preparing the handbag's canvas prior to applying any artwork to the bag.  That vital, tedious step combined with our formulated, water-resistant paint ensures that the paint will not chip, crack or wash away if you were to get caught in a rainstorm. Our special application process has proven itself over the test of time so that you can enjoy your freshly painted canvas for years to come.

Can the Paint be Removed?

You can remove the paint, but it will leave the canvas where the paint was applied affected. If you change your mind on your design you originally had painted, we can paint a new design over the previous artwork.

Where do You Buy Your Bags?

We purchase our pre-owned handbags from secondhand, luxury handbag dealers that we have built relationships with over the years and that understand our quality standards.

What is the Quality of the Bags that You Source for your Clients?

We are very picky about the quality of the bags that we source for our clients. All of bags that we source are in beautiful condition.  Of course, signs of wear and slight imperfections are unique, special traits of vintage treasures.  If you would like to see photos of the handbag that we sourced for you prior to it being painted, simply leave us a note at checkout and we will email you photos of your actual bag prior to it being placed into artwork production.

Do you Paint all Brands & Styles?

Yes! We paint all brands and styles. There are a few materials that we cannot paint on like patent leather or Louis Vuitton Vernis.

Do You Do Repairs?

We do small repairs with our Customization Services.

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