About Us

In 2016 our founders Stephanie and Candace, decided to embark on a journey to give old designer bags and other items a second chance to tell a brand-new story with personalized art... And now with an extraordinary team of talented women artists and creative support team, you are here to be part of that story as well. It’s quite surreal to see the intricate web of stories that a crazy idea between two friends started years ago.

Our story is about expressing individuality while still respecting the designer culture.
It’s about threading that web of stories and imagining what the next 10 years of these vintage pieces will look like as they depart from our art studio.
It’s about the conversations that they will spark.
The relationships they will start.
The generations they will be passed down to.
The adventures they will support.

And more importantly the feeling of confidence, excitement, and pure bliss of knowing that you own a super unique piece of fashion that has been given a new beginning.