~:Our Story:~


Stephanie and Candace have the luxury of living under the bright lights of fabulous Las Vegas, where numerous housewives have more money than sense. Handbags were used for a one time event, then shuffled to the back of these ladies’ closets and lost for decades. Trying to capitalize on these housewives money without having to marry the sugar daddy, this fabulous duo came up with an idea of how to upcycle these beautiful bags and give them their own story... Although, we are glad the bags can't talk to tell the "real" stories of the things they've seen at those Las Vegas parties.

We agree-blondes do have more fun, and this blonde duo had a blast searching high and higher to find just the right artists.  Yes, we catch that “higher” should be "low", as the saying goes– disclaimer: We said these two blondes were creative and savvy, we didnt say they were smart.  Although one of them is a successful Harvard graduate, and the other a damn good housewife. They interviewed hundreds of talented artists to find just the right people who could artistically create the exact handbag that tells a unique story.  After numerous call backs, trial runs and lots of money spent chasing these talented artists (or maybe stalking them until they said yes...and narrowly missing getting arrested – but that’s another story), New Vintage was created with the perfect artist on board.  







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