New Vintage is a service based company that provides a creative platform to artistically & respectfully breathe new life onto your handbags canvas. Under your creative direction, our talented artists will add personality onto your old bag, transforming it into a unique modern day conversation piece. New Vintage will customize most designer brands and styles. If you need an authentic pre-owned designer handbag to customize, we will be happy to source one for you from a trusted secondhand retailer. All handbags purchased by New Vintage are sold with a guarantee of authenticity.

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As we respectfully renew pre-owned handbags, we strongly believe in the integrity of the original designer. As we bear no affiliation to any of the brands we customize, we maintain full respect for their original, talented designers;  Therefore, New Vintage will not play with fakes. We will gladly source an authentic pre-owned handbag for you at no additional cost. However, If you would like to shop for your own handbag for us customize, we suggest you only purchase from a secondhand reseller you can trust.

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