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Bring a bag you own back to life with art.

A New Vintage artist will guide you throughout the creative process to ensure your bag artistically evolves exactly how you envision it.  Under your creative direction, our artists will customize your personality and self-expression onto your personal handbags canvas.  While working hand and hand with your very own personal artist, the seamless process will be complete in as little as just a few weeks. 

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New Vintage Handbags

New Vintage Handbags serves as a creative platform to elevate pre-loved designer handbags with new artistic endeavors.  With delicate hand painted designs and intricate lacing craftsmanship, a New Vintage Artist will renew your handbags canvas into a one-of-a-kind, customized piece of art.

You may purchase a completed pre-owned handbag, consult with an artist on renewing a handbag you own or customize a handbag from start to finish with a talented New Vintage artist with the art you love on the style bag you want.

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New Vintage Straps

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Art : Sustainability : Fashion

New Vintage artistically & respectfully breathes new life into pre-loved handbags with an artful twist. 

Much like you, we believe in unique, expressive, conscious fashion.


Celebrate Uniqueness & Individuality

Restore your old handbags with personality and self-expression.  With art, lacing and appliques your unique handbag will spark fresh conversation every time you sling it. 

New Vintage gives ladies permission to play with their daily fashion by offering options of various detachable straps and tassels.  One handbag investment is worth many with the swap of a strap or a change of a tassel.

Complement your outfit and persona of the day.... everyday.

Firefly tassel by New Vintage Handbags

Trinkets & Tassels

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