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New Vintage is a service based company that provides a creative platform to artistically & respectfully breathe new life into your pre-loved handbags with a unique, artful twist. 

Much like you, we believe in unique, self-expressive, conscious fashion.

Please enjoy your New Vintage Experience.


Customize your handbag with personal self-Expression:

A New Vintage artistic coordinator will guide you throughout the entire creative process to ensure your handbag artistically evolves just as you envision it. Under your creative direction, our talented artists will add your personality onto your handbags canvas transforming it into a unique conversation piece.

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Email or text a screen shot of the artwork you would like applied to your handbag & tell us the brand/style bag you own. 

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Art is very personal.  You are not limited to the images below.  They are simply to provoke your imagination and stimulate your creativity. 

Your Bag showing signs of Age?

Mask signs of wear and age with New Vintage lacing craftsmanship. Our artists will tie your handbag together with a customized artful twist.  By adding intricate needlework to your worn edges you will mask the signs of age and renew your handbag with a fresh modern day look.  Tie in playful fringe to give your bag movement and an edge that will never go out of style. With endless colors, lengths and thickness you can customize your piece with individuality and standout personality. From a hometown rodeo to a big city street, you are sure to be on top of the trend.

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Want the art, but need the canvas?

As we respectfully renew pre-owned handbags, we strongly believe in the integrity of the original designer. As we bear no affiliation to any of the brands we customize, we maintain full respect for their original designers;  Therefore, New Vintage will not play with fakes.  

If you need a handbag for us to customize, we suggest you only purchase from an authorized reseller you can trust.



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