Why Blend in When You Were Born to Stand Out?

Breathe fresh artistic life into a handbag that you own with New Vintage Custom, Fine Art. Once you have a general idea of the artwork you would like, simply fill in the form below and our creative design team will guide you step by step throughout our seamless customization process.



All of our artwork is individually priced and based on how long it will take our artists to complete your specific project.

Our Unique Paint Process

Our artists have developed a unique application technique and special paint mix to ensure the durability of your bags custom painted artwork. Our formulated, water-resistant paint will not chip, crack or wash away if you were to get caught in a rainstorm. Please avoid rubbing, scratching and harsh chemicals.

Digital Mock-Up

For custom artwork, you will receive a digital rendering for an idea of placement, size and general concept.

Completion Times

Completion times depend on our artist's production schedule at the time they receive your handbag. Your designated design coordinator will be able to give you a better idea and you are welcome to check in at any time for an update.

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You Might Just Catch Your Bag Being Painted Live in our Las Vegas Studio and it is a great place to find artistic inspiration!