Defining Bag Types

Defining Bag Types

Do You Know Your Handbag Types?

Did you know that there are dozens of different handbags out there? Can you tell the difference between a crossbody and a clutch? Before you invest your money into a new vintage handbag, make sure you’re getting the right handbag for your needs. Here are our major types.


A crossbody bag is a bag with a very long strap. The top of the strap rests on one shoulder and the bag rests down on the opposite hip. If you can picture a classic mailbag, that’s a crossbody bag. Ours are much smaller and far more stylish for anyone not in a mail uniform!

Crossbody bags can be unisex since men have used this bag type for certain professions. Browse our selection and you might find a masculine-presenting bag perfect for the man in your life. Just make sure they won’t stuff dirty tools inside!


Satchels are a kind of luggage. They are square, with a flat bottom and stiff sides, and have a clasp on top. If you want a bag that screams “I’m a traveler” or you want to carry larger items for business, this is the bag style for you.

These also have a long strap and can be worn in a cross-body style but have more carrying capacity than our crossbody selections. Many satchels also have a handle on the top and perhaps straps to hold down a large flap.


Tote is an old word meaning “to haul”, and these are among our largest bags. Like satchels, they have a stiff bottom and vertical sides, but many do not have a strap option and the sides are floppier to add more interior space. These are the bags you want if you want to go shopping or carry a couple of bottles of wine to the beach.


As the name suggests, these have a strap system to place the bag along your back. From there, the variations are immense! From large daypacks all the way to tiny fanny packs, the sizes and enclosures vary widely. Most fashionable large backpacks will have a fold-over top with a strap for the large compartment and a smaller zippered pouch on the front.


Clutches and Makeup Bags

Clutches are small and elegant and definitely speak to high-fashion. This is the bag you want for evening wear. In fact, you may know these bags as evening bags. As the name suggests, women have to hold on to these bags in their hands, though there are some that have a small wrist strap.

Designers often make makeup bags in a clutch style. The difference is that the interior will have special pockets for different kinds of makeup so they’re not all scattered around at the bottom of the bag.

Overnight Bags

Our last style is the overnight bag. Like a satchel, this crosses the line between a handbag and luggage, but overnight bags lean more into the luggage category. These are our largest bags and perfect for packing enough clothes and personal items for an overnight stay somewhere.

Bags, like the pocket, are an item of utility along with beauty. Before you select a bag based on the design, be sure the bag has the right size and shape for your needs. The most beautiful handbag will stay in your closet if it doesn’t carry what you need.

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