Brand Highlight: Louis Vuitton and Gucci

Brand Highlight: Louis Vuitton and Gucci

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There is just something about carrying a designer handbag. Maybe it's the feel of luxurious, high-quality leather or the looks you get when you reach inside to grab something or pay for your lunch. Perhaps it's the admiring glances and the compliments that you get. Whatever the reason, using a designer handbag is a great way to showcase your own personality and style. 

You already know that the quality and craftsmanship that goes into a luxury handbag are second to none, but what puts some brands above the rest? What is the story behind some of today's top designers?

Here is a brief insight into two famous and long-beloved designers who we love and feature here at New Vintage Handbags. Their work forms the foundation for much of our work!

Louis Vuitton 

Of all the brands we feature, Louis Vuitton is one of our most popular. But who is Louis Vuitton? In the late 19th Century, a young Louis left his home and set out for Paris almost 300 miles from his home. He came to apprentice under master luggage and trunk maker, Monsieur Marechal. 

At the tender age of 16, Louis had gained enough of a reputation as a premier craftworker that Napoleon III hired him to make the trunks of the French Empress. It was this appointment that would ensure Louis Vuitton's success for the rest of his life. 

He founded the Louis Vuitton label in Paris in 1854. His designs and level of quality were being imitated even during the late 19th Century, so much so it led him to create patterns on his luggage such as the Damier Canvas Pattern that bore his initials. 

It was during this early period that Louis Vuitton created the world's first unpickable lock. They were so well-done that the company registered the locks with the owner's name and safely kept the records at Louis Vuitton's workshops should the keys ever become lost.

After Louis passed in 1892 and under the guidance of his son, Georges, Louis Vuitton became a worldwide company. At that time, commerce and travel were booming around the world, and the need for high-quality luggage that could withstand the rigors of international travel was in high demand. In 1893 at the Chicago World's Fair, the company presented the famous monogram canvas we know and love today.


In 1893, Guccio Gucci left his home in Florence, Italy, to travel to Paris and London. During his return journey to Italy, he began selling saddles, bridles, and other accessories for horse-drawn saddlery. But it was the invention of the automobile that convinced Gucci to branch out of the saddlery business and make high-quality leather accessories such as shoes, belts, trunks, and bags of various types.

Because of Gucci's commitment to quality and craftsmanship, his reputation grew. He became sought by those who would happily make the journey to Tuscany and buy from him directly.

The famous Gucci Print was released in 1936. Because of leather's unavailability during the war, Gucci experimented using other materials for his bags, such as hemp, linen, and jute, to make his creations. In 1940, they created the Gucci Bamboo Bag. The Bamboo Bag, made in a saddle shape, had the famous red and green accents reminiscent of a saddle girth strap. Along with the double-G emblem, the red and green band would become instantly recognizable and synonymous with the Gucci brand. 

During the 1950s and 1960s, Hollywood elites such as Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, Peter Sellers, and others were spotted wearing or carrying Gucci fashion accessories. Even today, stars like Salma Hayek, Beyonce', Elle Fanning, Candice Bergen, and Kate Moss love Gucci.

How About You?

Here at New Vintage Handbags, we specialize in updating gently used designer bags and breathing new life into them. If you have a well-loved designer - or any other type of handbag, shoes, or other accessories that you cannot bear to part with, and are looking for an updated look, contact us today for an appointment with one of our consultants for ideas and a quote. 

If you have been thinking about getting a designer bag of your own or are shopping for something special for someone you love, and you want something extraordinary, check out some of our latest creations. We can help you make a statement that is unique and all your own!

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