A Customization Story

A Customization Story

A Bag Customization Story

There is an endless variety of ways that our artisans at New Vintage Custom Handbags can customize your bag to suit your sense of style and personality. Whether it is a fondness for certain animals, flowers, or a sentimental memory, we can help give your well-loved designer handbag something that is truly one of a kind.

Francoise, one of our most recent clients, came in with her early 1980s Louis handbag. This well-loved bag had been a gift from her best friend, Shelly, who recently passed away.

Francoise had glorious memories of when she had first moved to Las Vegas from the Midwest. Shelly was the daughter of a casino executive and they became close friends. Shelly had exquisite fashion taste, and the two friends would go shopping together on an almost daily basis all over town.

One of the things the two loved to do while they were out on their daily excursions was going to visit the parrots and Macaws at a pet store in one of the local malls. Shelly loved bright feathers and of the birds and loved what feathers symbolize.

It was on Francoise’s 22nd birthday that Shelly gifted her with a Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag. Shelly’s gift touched Francoise.

A couple of years later, a job transfer forced Francoise to move to the West Coast, leaving her best friend behind. Every time she carried her Speedy bag, she thought of her friend and reminisced about the good times that they had and would often call to say hello. The two often would visit each other, go shopping, but always find a place to interact with birds in some way.

One day, as Francoise was about to make plans for the two friends to reunite on a girl’s vacation in Hawaii, she received a call from Shelly’s husband. Shelly had recently passed away and wanted Francoise to have the small collection of feathers that she had kept over the years.

Francoise came to us here at New Vintage Handbags and asked us to help her create a painted design on the handbag that Shelly had so generously given her all those years ago. During her consultation, Francoise and we came up with a beautiful feather design in a multitude of colors just like the feathers Shelly had collected. Francoise entrusted us to help make her handbag into a fitting tribute and a memory for her friend.

After completing the painting, we were excited when we found a jeweled purse charm in the shape of a peacock feather to match! Francoise was delighted with what we came up with together and told us that she was sure Shelly would have loved it, too!

Your Look, Your Way

Whether like Francoise, you want your vintage designer handbag to be a tribute to a beloved friend, a family member, or to reflect one of your own personal passions, it’s all a part of what we do at New Vintage Handbags.

Book your appointment with one of our design specialists today. Together, you and your design consultant can come up with a design that reflects who you are.


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