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 Truly Destiny with New Vintage Handbags

Bring a handbag you own back to life:

A New Vintage artist will guide you throughout the process to ensure your handbag artistically evolves exactly how you envision it.  Under your creative direction, our artists will customize your personality and self-expression onto your personal handbags canvas.  

How Much?

Pricing varies on the complexity of your artwork design and the size of your handbag.  Following a design consultation with a New Vintage design coordinator via email or phone, a formal quote and agreement will be emailed to you and 100% non-refundable payment will be collected.

You will then ship your handbag with Signature Required to our New Vintage design studio.  New Vintage is not responsible for items lost or stolen in transit and it is our clients responsibility to pay for shipping. You must include a copy of your signed and initialed paperwork with your handbag.  We ask that you respect our Artist eye while completing your desired design, because we are pretty darn good at what we do and you will have to trust that we will know what is best.

General base customization pricing:

Basic Monogram: $199+

Basic Fringe: $199+

Fringe & Basic Needlework: $249+

Handle Braiding: $149+

Paint Design: $249+

Add Crossbody Hardware: $85+

*Combined services are eligible for discounted pricing within your custom quote. Rights to all artistic designs remain the intellectual property of New Vintage Handbags.  Please note that we are a team of artist and respect the artist community. We will not paint any trademarked logos, or images that belong to a brand, company, or affiliation that we are customizing on.

Will the paint last?

The system New Vintage has created to add hand painted artwork to various textured surfaces has proven itself over the test of time.  Our specialty paint is applied with a technique that prevents cracking and fading upon its surface. Fulling understanding that bags are subject to everyday wear and tear, it is our clients responsibility to care for their handbag and its newly, custom hand painted surface. Therefore, New Vintage is not responsible for handbags once they are returned to our clients.  Treat your new custom design with love and care ladies.

How long is the process?

Once your handbag has been received by New Vintage the production time varies on the complexity of your customization.  Typically, your handbag will be shipped back to you with Signature Required with in 2-4 weeks.  

It is that simple, and we will be there to guide you throughout the entire customization process.

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