Customization Services

Our customization process is where luxury meets ooh la la, old meets new and the result is a bag as unique as you.

Work one-on-one with a talented New Vintage designer to create a bespoke design that breathes life back into your old bag and shows off your fabulous personality. Floral, animal print, monogrammed? It’s time to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t let your old bag gather dust – browse our Lookbook for inspiration and book an appointment now.

You can also call us on 725725-221-7712 or email us:

The Process

Getting your one-of-kind customized bag is easy.

1. Book your appointment

Our team will then be in touch via email to ask for photos of your bag and any design inspiration you have. FYI: If we have enough information about the artwork you’d like, we may reach out before your scheduled appointment to get your project rolling.

2. Send your bag

After we’ve discussed your exciting new design together, we’ll send you shipping instructions and an online invoice.

3. Let the magic happen

When your handbag has arrived safely with us we’ll send you a confirmation email and start working on your design – feel free to check in with us anytime to see how she’s going.

4. See the result

It’s time to get excited! When our designers have worked their fine art magic, they’ll send you pics for your approval.

5. Time to show her off!

Love her? Good. Your bag will make her way back to you. (Don’t worry, we know how precious she is – we always use Signature Required shipping.)

That’s it! The whole process typically takes 4-6 weeks so you could soon have your beautiful, bespoke bag on your shoulder. Warning: she comes with A LOT of compliments.


The Price

Our pricing is as varied as our designs – it’s entirely dependent on the intricacy and size of the artwork you’d like. We quote based on how long it will take our artists to complete your custom project. Our customization services start at $199 per item and most customizations are around $399.

The Paint

Many years, thousands of bags and millions of compliments later, our special paint has stood the test of time. The system and paint we use ensures your bespoke design won’t chip, fade or run if it gets wet.