Understanding New Vintage Handbags

Understanding New Vintage Handbags

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The New Vintage Handbag Process

New Vintage breathes new life into preloved designer handbags with a customized, artful spirit and utter respect for their original designers. They cover scuffs with art and worn edges with distinct needlework onto previously loved, designer handbags; making them into conversation pieces with an artistic appeal. 

With a variety of previously owned, artistically enhanced handbags, straps and playful, unique charms can help you make the most of your handbag investment while playing dress-up with your bag at the same time.

100% Authentic Vintage Treasures

New Vintage is a service based concept that uplifts preloved pieces with customizable personalized art to help spark fresh conversation while renewing precious handbags. Your unique, personal self-expression will easily transform your old handbags into special, one-of-a kind statement pieces. You may send in a handbag that you own, shop our selection or fully customize a special piece with our design studio. 

The New Vintage Handbag model is mainly focused on customizing clients bags;  However, we do keep a small bag stock on hand or will source the bag of your choice for you from a trusted, secondhand luxury dealer.

Exploring the New Editions

All NEW EDITION New Vintage handbags are 100% authentic, previously owned bags that are in outstanding condition. The designer bag you see in the photos is the actual bag that you will receive and generally ships in 1-3 business days. Typically, there is only one available of each and they never last long.

Get A Blast From The Past

Love one of the past designs that was already created? You can purchase a PAST DESIGNS handbags as is, or use them as inspiration for a fully customizable piece. If you would prefer modifications to the artwork, or would like the artwork placed on another style/brand bag, simply visit the customization page to connect with a New Vintage design representative. Usually, the process takes 1-4 weeks depending on if New Vintage Handbags has that bag style in stock.

Quality Paint You Can Trust To Last Long

The paint system that New Vintage Handbags uses is made to last. The distinct prepping, special paint mixture and finishes have been previously tested on hundreds of handbag canvasses. Artwork on New Vintage handbags may vary slightly from images in the PAST DESIGNS collection, as they are indeed hand painted by the talented New Vintage Artists.

As with any fresh paint, you must be a bit gentle with your newly painted canvas and be kind to it by avoiding harsh chemicals & constant rubbing. New Vintage Handbags offers a touch-up service if you are a bit rough on your pieces. These designer handbags have been created many years ago, so you do need to be delicate and not over weigh them and condition them when needed.

New Vintage Handbags purchases their handbags from trusted secondhand, luxury dealers that have proven themselves over the test of time. In addition, all the handbags that are offered are carefully in-house inspected for authenticity, and are backed by a full money back guarantee, making it easy to purchase from New Vintage Handbags with confidence and ease.

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