Classic Florals that Never Go Out of Style

Classic Florals that Never Go Out of Style

Hand Painted preloved Louis Vuitton with a beautiful orange floral design

Classic Floral Designs that Never Go Out of Style

Your favorite designer bag that you’ve carried for years likely says something about you. Any handbag or fashion accessory that you wear or use regularly is like a signature statement. Here at New Vintage Handbags, it is possible to turn your old classic designer handbag into an entirely fresh design while still keeping the vintage look.

One of our most popular design elements is the addition of designs from nature, and floral designs top the list. One of the main reasons is that there is an almost endless variety of flowers our team of artists can add to your handbag, belt, shoes, or other accessories. 

Cabbage Roses

Roses are a favorite flower around the world. Whether you want something to remind you of the roses that grew outside of your grandmother’s house when you were young or just want some pretty rose blooms on your handbag, our design professionals can help.


Whether you are fond of red, white, or yellow poppies, this flower makes a statement of both the timeless beauty found in a vintage garden and the remembrance that poppies symbolize. We can paint your well-loved designer bag with a design that is sure to make a statement wherever you go.

Cherry Blossoms

Traditionally loved throughout Asia and the New World, cherry blossoms remind us of the fleeting bloom of spring. In Japan, they refer to this flower as sakura. Sakura or cherry blossoms symbolize regeneration and optimism. 

While the blossoms on the tree may last only a couple of weeks, we can paint branches of these beautiful, delicate flowers onto your handbag so that they never fade. We can even add birds, dragonflies, or other fauna to your design to make it one of a kind.


Not only is this flower known as the Queen of Spring, but it is also valued for its beauty and sweet aroma. Since the days of Ancient China, this flower has symbolized purity and nobility. Louis XIV sent explorers worldwide to find more of this flower to plant in his gardens at Versailles. 

Pink magnolias symbolize love and femininity, while red magnolias symbolize passion. Purple magnolias are considered the color of royalty, while white magnolias symbolize spirituality and purity. No matter what color you choose, our artists can depict it perfectly with paints or embroidery.

Your Bag Your Way

While flowers are just one aspect of the beauty we find in nature, the designers and artists at New Vintage Handbags can incorporate other types of foliage, trees, even animals into your design. Consider bouquets of a wide variety of flowers, or add a hummingbird, dragonfly, deer, or other significant animals. Depending on the look you want, we can add a customized strap to match your bag, fringe, charms, or other design elements that will make it into the handbag of your dreams.

Customize Your Bag

We will happily customize all brands and styles of handbags and accessories. To get started, visit our customization page to receive personalized service from one of our design coordinators. They will discuss your ideas with you and maybe offer you a few of their own. Once you approve your dream design, and we receive your bag and payment, our artists will get to work. This process takes 4-8 weeks.

Once your bag or accessory is complete, we will send you pictures of the finished product for your approval via email. Once you approve of how it looks, we will send your bag back to you, a new treasure for your home to enjoy and pass down to the next generation.

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