Bling Your New Vintage Handbag With A Beautiful Charm

Bling Your New Vintage Handbag With A Beautiful Charm

New Vintage Handbag magnetic charm

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Humans have been wearing charms as an accessory for a really long time. Our ancestors learned how to drill stones and make glass and clay beads to begin. Later, we learned how to shape metal into novel forms for decorating ourselves as jewelry. Every culture I’m aware of has had charms as part of their look, either as fashion, as a status symbol, or for cultural or religious reasons. 

For instance, in ancient Egypt, only royalty could wear jewelry depicting cobra snakes or the uraeus. Judges in the royal court wore images or symbols of Ma'at, the goddess of truth. In ancient China, the wearing or possession of jade objects was reserved for those of noble class within the Imperial court. 

Today, we wear charms mainly for fashion reasons. They’re a way to make a statement about who we are and what we like. At New Vintage Handbags, we offer unique charms with our clients’ tastes in mind to pair with our handbags and strap offerings.

While jewelry styles can go in and out of fashion, one thing seems to remain consistent: Almost everyone loves vintage costume jewelry. That is why we proudly offer charms and fobs that are meticulously handcrafted from pieces of previously-loved vintage jewelry. 

Whether you want something that dangles off of your Louis Vuitton handbag or a well-traveled piece of carry-on luggage, or if you want to wear it on your hat, jacket, or other accessories, we've got something for everyone. 

Some of our charms, such as our Notable Charm, Peace Charm, Branded Snake Charm, and our Eye See You Charm, feature magnetic backings so you can wear them on blazers, hands, or handbags. What's so great about our magnetic charms is that you can attach them to whatever you like without causing any damage to your bag or garment. The magnets are powerful enough to keep the charm attached through leather and fabric. That means you can change out your charms as often as you like as part of your daily ensemble or simply to suit your mood.

Our other charms, such as our Getting Spoked Charm, Blue Moon Charm, or Skull Chandelier Charm that we offer, can clip directly onto the strap or hardware of your handbag. 

Whatever your personal style is, our charms make the perfect gift – either to yourself or for someone special. We have so many beautiful designs to choose from; it's hard to pick just one! 

Since all of our charm pieces are handmade, our stock is always changing. It’s important to check our website for availability for a particular charm before ordering, or we may be out! So if you see something you like, be sure to grab it before it’s gone!

If you're unsure of what you might want in a charm or what might pair well with your handbag or outfit, why not schedule an appointment to speak with New Vintage Handbag's design consultants for some ideas? 

Schedule your phone consultation today through our website, or, if you know exactly what it is that you want, you may email us at, or you may call us during business hours at (725) 221-7712. Follow
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