Bike ride through India

We took a bike tour today which I think is about the most dangerous thing I have ever done. There’s not many rules and regulations to diving here. And the horns are insane!!!! I’m going to hear car horns in my head for days after we leave!!! They are taught to honk when you turn, honk when you pass a car, honk when a car passes you, honk when a motor scooter is going in front of you (there are thousands of motor scooters!), honk when a person in near a crosswalk, just to let them know you see them, and honk at the random guy in the middle of the road pushing his cart of onions just because he wanted to push it down them middle of the road instead of the side or the road and this is considered normal. And of course, honk at every person riding a bicycle! Out tour started at 6am and lasted for 4 hours. I am not sure which was harder- dodging the cars or the people. Fortunately, it was only jack and I on the tour and 2 guides. Every time we crossed a road the guides had to scream at me (so I could hear them above the horns) to look left or right. I always looked the wrong way as they drive on the opposite side of the road. I got tied up with a bus at one intersection but he did at least slow down a bit as I’m sure he saw the look of terror on my face.

We also toured a Muslim temple that was a shrine to the genitalia of that God. At first I thought we must have two different definitions to the same English word as they were explaining to me what the shrine was. But I soon realized I was incorrect. Phallic Symbol and Genitalia mean the same in India. So I chose not to say my prayers there. Just a bit odd to me.

When I was about 10 years old, I had a vision of myself on the streets and in the slums in india. It’s been an experience I will never forget to see this vision come full circle 30+ years later.