Candace and Stephanie met to catch up over a friendly cup of coffee in 2016. Stephanie told Candace she had this crazy idea of customizing her old, designer handbags that were taking up space in her closet with leather needlework and fun paint designs. Steph showed Candace her creation at the local coffee joint and Candace, who is always on point with her fashion sense, proposed turning Stephanie's hobby into a fun side job. With Candace's entrepreneurial drive and Stephanie's quick decision making, by the next weeks end the blond duo was in business together.


New Vintage Handbags Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are your pre-owned handbags authentic? 
    Absolutely!  We have the utmost respect for the brands that we customize and their original designers; Therefore, we strongly stand in the fight against fakes.  All of the handbags we offer are 100% authentic, and we back the authenticity of our handbags with a full money back guarantee.

  2. Will you buy my bag?
    No, but thank you.  We only purchase our pre-owned handbags from trusted sources that we have developed relationships with, and that have proven themselves through the test of time. 

  3. Where do you buy your bags?
    We purchase our pre-owned handbags from luxury handbag dealers that we have built relationships with over the years.

  4. What age do you consider a handbag vintage?
    We term a bag 10 years or older vintage.  Most of the handbags that we offer were created in the early 1990’s.