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Our Story

New Vintage began in 2016 when an artful spirit collided with an entrepreneurial mind. Candace Easdale and Stephanie Ponder had been friends for many years and met to catch up at a small coffee shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stephanie had a Louis Vuitton with her, well-loved and artfully restored. Candace thought it was a fantastic way to bring preloved pieces back to life and give them a second chance to tell a brand new story. The following week, Candace had a business license, and Stephanie was dolling up bags. What started as a fun hobby quickly developed into an overnight sensation. 

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Stephanie Ponder

Stephanie Ponder is a busy, working mother of twin boys and a wife to her husband, Todd. She also has two step children, Taylor and Dayton. You might recognize Taylor as the model in many of the product images.

When Stephanie isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her family, playing a friendly game of pickleball, traveling, and reading.

What should a customer expect from New Vintage?

Under your creative direction, we will work together to design the handbag of your dreams with artwork that will be the center of attention and spark fresh conversation. You may send us a handbag you own, shop directly off our website, or we will source a handbag of your choice and add your special, unique artwork. All of the handbags that we purchase from our trusted, secondhand seller are in beautiful condition, 100% authentic, and backed by a full money-back guarantee.    

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Candace Easdale

Candace Easdale is a Harvard graduate who founded a successful property management company with locations across the country. She enjoys spending time with her three small children and her husband, Jack.

What sets New Vintage apart from the rest?

Our artists offer endless customizable options for your vintage bags. With our hand-painted designs, we can literally turn your artistic dreams into reality by giving you a unique way to wear your self-expression and tell the world who you are without saying a word. We have proven ourselves over the years, and our bags are carried by celebs from MelB to Lisa Rinna.

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Executive Team

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is the beauty behind our pics (and Candace's Step-daughter). She graduated from SDSU and loves to travel the world so much that she is starting a travel blog with her boyfriend Danny. @leadourtribe 

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is our Lead Artist/Designer. As a self-taught artist, Justyna has a strong passion for art that began at a very young age and has increased through time. Justyna’s favorite art genre is Realism, and pet portraits are at the top of her list. Along with her passion for art, is the passion for animals. She enjoys spending time with, and pampering her two rescue dogs who always cuddle up close-by while she paints. 

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Joseph Morelli
is our general manager. After decades gaining expertise in marketing and finance, he joined the New Vintage family in 2017. When he isn’t holding down the fort at work, he’s in his kitchen cooking up amazingness or traveling the world with his husband, Geoff. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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