Mask & Chain Pop Up Event

Stay on trend with the new norm!  Mask chains are the perfect way to carry your mask around you neck when you have the opportunity to take it off. Keep your mask safely suspended around your neck, rather than resting your mask on a potentially unclean surface, holding it in your hand or sticking it in your bottomless purse. New Vintage Mask Chains are a stylish, safe alternative that is on trend, and will not weigh your mask down when it is on your face. What makes our chains so special is that they are all one-of-a kind, hand crafted pieces that you can also use to carry your glasses.

Of course, we couldn't offer the chains without the masks!  So, we have collaborated with Julia Ryan, one of our favorite NYC artists, to offer masks that are inspired by her very own artwork.  Julia Ryan's masks are simply amazing and taking social media by storm!  They come with two extra filters, are light weight and the designs are stunning.
All masks and chains are sold separately.