Do less, be more

You cannot watch TV anymore!

My husband Todd made an interesting comment to me the other day. It was a rainy day in Las Vegas which is a rare, special gift of a good excuse to snuggle in and find a good flick. We trolled through Netflix, On-Demand, Amazon Prime and our Apple TV library diligently searching for the perfect movie to occupy our rainy Sunday afternoon.  Finally, after searching through hundreds of movies we gave up and choose an old Edward Norton and Richard Gere thriller.  We got comfy and prepared for our perfect home movie escape.  Todd grabbed a snack and settled into his favorite “father of the house chair” while I threw in a load of laundry, poured a hot cup of Detox tea, slapped on a deep pore cleaning facemask, grabbed my lap top and phone before finally assuming my position.  That is when Todd made his comment that got me thinking.  He looked over to me tapping away at my laptop like Elton John on his piano and said, “You can’t just watch a movie, can you babe”. I replied with, “I can watch a movie, but while I am JUST sitting here I can also be updating our website, editing photos, ordering the boys new hockey pads, designing our next line of handbags and returning emails.”  Boom…. Drop the Mic.

It occurred to me at that moment, that I don’t know the last time I sat and JUST watched a movie.  As a working mother there is ALWAYS something to do. I am never just sitting, because if I am just sitting I am not getting my list of one million things to do done and why just sit when I can be lessening my load to make the upcoming week a touch less insane?  Not only am I never “just watching TV”, I am never JUST sitting.  Of course, snarky Steph, followed up his comment with “what do you care if I am watching TV while getting shit done”?  This made me dig deeper. Why do I always have to be getting shit done?

I am the first one up in the morning and the last one to hit the bed… getting “shit done”.  I honestly do not believe that at this point in my life I am capable of just sitting on my couch and enjoying a movie with out a constant itch to check things off my never-ending list of things to do. I have had the same book elephant eared at page 43 for months… and it is actually a good read. I am certainly not bitching about being busy, because I love having such a full life… but it would be nice to give myself permission to veg occasionally and get lost in some cinematic entertainment without feeling like I should be accomplishing something else at the same time. Women, especially working mothers are natural mulit-taskers!  Go go Go… get shit done.

So, I decided to get lost in that damn cinematic entertainment and washed my face, jumped into my Uggs and grabbed my hubby for a date day at the movies.  No phones allowed, deep lounge reserved seating, a glass of red wine (boy, has a cinematic experience come a long way) and no laptop!  I was unplugged from my list of things to do for 2 hours and 20 mins enthralled with Lady Gaga and hottie Bradley Cooper in “A Star is Born” (such a good freaking movie), and totally gave myself permission to check out.  Guess what?  The world did not come to an end when I unplugged (without counting the movies as plugged in) for those 140 minutes.  I completed all my tasks Monday morning in less time than if I was distracted with the TV.  My dear friend Amanda, who is a mother and successful attorney here in Las Vegas always said, "Do less, be more" and on this rainy Sunday I finally got it. 

Sometimes you must give yourself permission to check out as a working Mom. There is always the next meal to prepare, load of laundry to pop in and emails to respond to; However, when we unplug and give ourselves permission to chill we are more likely to be more successful at getting shit done.

Tonight, I plan to button up dinner and watch a good ole family movie with my boys and do less… no laptop or phone included. Just sitting damnit.



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