Caring for your Suede Handbag

October 08, 2018

Taking Care of Your Suede Handbag

“Do you have a suede handbag?” Isn’t that the first thing we ask when we enter a shop that sells handbags. The use of rich textures like satin, brocade and velvet in handbags is dominating the fashion scene right now. The softly napped feel and finish has made a huge splash as well. You can see designer bags with these textures popping everywhere; TV shows and movies, Instagram stories, Snapchat and more.

In fact, the popularity of this material has risen so high that it is considered the new leather! Celebrity fashion icons such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner can be spotted carrying suede bags. When these two fashionistas set a trend, you simply have to follow it. However, the one problem that people face with these amazing handbags is that they are very hard to clean.

Keep on scrolling to read about 5 expert maintenance tips for a scuff-free and stain-free suede handbag:

1.     Protective Spray to the Rescue

As soon as you get your suede handbag, spray it liberally with a protectant. Don’t spare a minute. Do this before sitting down on your couch and admiring your new purchase for hours. Here’s a product that works best: Water and Stain Protectant by Leather Spa. While the spray doesn’t make your handbag waterproof, it does repel the water. This means that if your bag does get wet accidentally, the pores of the material will not seal up. The surface of the handbag will have plenty of room to breathe, which will minimize sweating and bad odor. Make sure to test the spray on a spot at the bottom first before applying.

2.     Buy a Suede Eraser and Brush

A common damage that many people encounter with a suede bag is dust and dirt. Dirty fingertips leave a handprint behind, which s difficult to remove by scrubbing it with a cloth. Stubborn dirt stains can be removed with an eraser. You can then brush over the spot to smooth down the fibers.

3.     DIY For Oil Marks

An oil stain must be tackled immediately or it will settle in the material. First, absorb the liquid with a tissue gently but do not rub. Cover the stain with baking soda or talcum powder, let it stay for 5 minutes and then wipe it off. With dark color handbags, you can always cover the stain with a dye. However, with light color handbags, there’s really no solution. What you can do is attach some customized accessories over it to hide the stain.

4.     Do Not Use Leather Conditioner

The reason why leather conditioner is a no-go for suede handbags is because it’s harmful to the material. Although suede is a type of leather but the conditioner is only meant for original leather. It’s like applying skin moisture on your hair.

5.     Maintenance

People have meticulous face cleansing routines with which they end their day. Give the same treatment to your handbag. When you reach your home after a long day, brush it down, spray on it a little, place it in a clean white pillow case and put it away in the closet.

Just like any other material, the more you take care of your suede handbag, the longer it will last. Follow these tips and tricks and keep your handbag shiny and soft. Are you ready to take on a new trend? Then, bring your designer handbags to us.  Although we can not paint on Suede, there are other fun customizations we offer that can add new life to your suede handbags for a modern day look.  

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