6 Bag Trends that are making the rounds this season

6 Bag Trends that are making the rounds this season

September 24, 2018

6 Bag Trends that Are Making the Rounds This Season

Accessories are the one thing that can be easily updated. The good news: every season, the bag trend makes a new and unique splash that women go crazy for. We women are a creature of habit, don’t you agree? We need our bags a certain way, clothes fashionable and the makeup spot on. What truly makes the style statement in our ensemble is that handbag dangling from our arm. It’s one of the status symbol that shouts “we follow the trend”.

Are you ready to know about the biggest 5 trends that are making the rounds right now? Lucky for you, these trends are plain and simple so, if your Fendi or Louise Vuitton handbag is a little outdated, get them customized by copying these trends. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on that new handbag you just saw on the internet, you can copy the look in a few hundred dollars.

Let’s have a look at those bag trends:

1.  Customized Preowned Handbags

Obviously, that is the BIGGEST trend out and about.  All your favorite fashion influencers are sending New Vintage to give their old, pre-loved handbags modern day personal updates.  With designer bags costing up to thousands of dollars, ladies are wanting to give them a special, personalized touch.  Make them extra special with meaningful handpainted artwork.  With wear on old bags and out of todays trend styles New Vintage pioneered a concept to breathe new life into these forgotten gems and bring them back into todays fashion.

2. See-Through Bag


The PVC bag trend is the first one to make on the list. It’s a design as old as time. There are two ways you can incorporate this design with your branded bag: place the bag itself in a PVC bag or get your PVC bag modified with leather or suede strips. The first option gives you a bit of privacy and is great for conferences and the second option will work well in parties.

3. The Beaded Bag


The beaded bag is one of our favorite! You have various options available to you in abstract or representational designs. The array of colors gives the bag a beautiful look and best of all… you can use this design on every bag. You can even get a portrait of your favorite singer or actor on it. So, take out all your old bags because it’s time to give them a new look.

4. Tiny Belt Bag


The tiny belt bag is a blessing that allows you to roam hands free. With just enough space to place your cash, credit cards and your driver’s license, this bag makes for the perfect accessory. You get the best of both worlds: a designer belt and a great purse.

5. The Hoop Handle


Need an instant upgrade for your handbag? Are those long straps no longer working for you? Get this chic look with the loop handles. If you are not looking for something fancy, then this is the best way to customize your bag.

6. The Basket Bag


Lastly, the basket is the latest summer addition. If you want a change of style, then this is the bag you should go for. It comes in various shapes and sizes, and best of all: it’s easy to personalize with pins and embellishments.


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